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Tress Free! Taking the stress out of beauty.

Where the Tress Free story began

Tress Free was an idea that came about when my hairdresser cancelled on me last minute. I envisioned a platform which would enable me to easily find an Afro-Caribbean hairdresser last minute with the opportunity to view their work to make sure I knew what I was getting into. We want to bring you the technology to solve this problem that many of us face.

The online future

Our online software is easy to use and gives you 24/7 booking capability, and the chance to advertise empty slots, to increase revenue as well as business awareness. The system can also be used as your main booking diary.

Where Tress Free are now

We are in our infancy but have a lot of potential and we see this business being a catalyst for change in the Afro-Caribbean hair and beauty market - promoting higher quality services and increasing the awareness of amazing stylists. We are striving towards being the essential connection between online customers and online businesses.

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